Head Chef, Kanesaka Hong Kong

Seiji Taniguchi

Chef Taniguchi’s remarkable culinary journey has brought him to the helm of Kanesaka Hong Kong. Prior to becoming the Head Chef, he honed his skills at Sushi Kanesaka’s prestigious branch in Tokyo Palace Hotel, working alongside Chef Kikuchi Shunsuke, a protégé of the Two Michelin-Starred restaurant’s Chef Founder, Shinji Kanesaka. Under their guidance, Chef Taniguchi earned high praise and recognition for his exceptional talent.

His expertise lies in handling aging ingredients, infusing each sushi with a soulful touch. “One Sushi One Soul” reflects his commitment to perfection – every creation is crafted with heart. At Kanesaka Hong Kong, Chef Taniguchi offers guests a delightful and distinctive Omakase experience.

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