Masa Hong Kong is the next omakase offering by visionary Chef Masataka Fujisawa

Discover a premium sushi bar experience at Central’s newest restaurant, the epitome of finesse and craftsmanship

Building on the success of Wan Chai’s eminent Japanese omakase concept Sushi Masataka, Chef Masataka “Masa” Fujisawa is launching a new sushi restaurant Masa Hong Kong. Newly opened on the 5th Floor of CCB Tower in Central, the 21-seating restaurant showcases the metropolitan glamour and excitement of Hong Kong’s business district. Masa Hong Kong presents premium dishes that will take diners on a culinary journey to Japan’s most authentic dining spots. 

Executive Chef Masa is an artisan of Japanese cuisine, always innovating his specialty and pushing industry standards. Embracing craftsmanship and creativity, Chef Masa is missioned to bring a unique omakase experience to Hong Kong through his professional, out-of-the-box approach. For the experienced Japanese Chef, the freshness and aging process of the fish is of utmost importance due to the impact these have on flavour: “Many varieties of fish lack desired flavour when served too soon after the catch, hence the need for aging raw sashimi. Dry-aging enhances both taste and consistency by reducing moisture and breaking down the protein, resulting in umami flavour and tenderness.” shares the Chef.

Aligning with Chef Masa’s philosophy, the menu is crafted around the highest quality ingredients available. All dishes use authentic and seasonal Japanese ingredients, so that guests can appreciate the flavours of each unique time of the year. The raw ingredients are mainly purchased from Tokyo’s Toyosu, however the spring water and wasabi are obtained from the Shizuoka Prefecture, while the Year 1854 “Maruyama Nori” laver is sourced from Tsukiji, Tokyo. Every aspect of Masa Hong Kong is unconventional, showcasing the Chef’s willingness to step away from the norm in order to provide the best experience to guests. Creativity is exemplified by using a blend of four types of vinegar to mix with the sushi rice, as well as preparing two types of rice (Haenuki rice from Sakata City and Hokkaido sushi rice), which are utilised based on the fat content of the fish. 

This attention to detail adds a unique layer of flavour to each piece of sushi crafted by Chef Masa. At Masa Hong Kong, all the nigiri sushi is hand-pressed for two times at most in order to ensure optimal temperature, pressure, and customisation for every single piece of sushi. Chef Masa also creates individual sauces for each dish to enhance the unique taste and freshness of the ingredients, using Year 1802 “Yamashin Brewery” soy sauce from Aichi Prefecture. 

Among the signature sushi of Chef Masa, Fatty Tuna is a showstopper with five layers of tuna consisting of different parts of Otoro, Toro, and Chutoro slices to form a rich, layered sushi with a well-balanced fat ratio. Meticulously seared and diced to resemble grains of rice, the soft and tender Squid from Kyushu is mixed with actual sushi rice, creating a mouthful of surprise with the support of Yuzu peels. A celebration of specialties from Hokkaido, the creamy Sea Urchin is marinated with chopped konbu for three days for a condensed texture and enhanced flavour, resulting in a unique marble-like appearance.

Besides sushi, dishes from other sessions of the omakase experience have also demonstrated the finesse of Chef Masa. The seasonal, exquisite Rockfish from Kyushu region is steamed in the shape of a fish ball to capture the tenderness and juiciness. 

The new sushi bar welcomes visitors with a minimalistic yet detailed interior design. Throughout their meal, guests will sit behind the sushi bar, which is made from the longest piece of Hinoki wood used for the purpose of a bar in Hong Kong.  The venue is fitted with floor to ceiling windows that showcase the bustling daytime view, contrasting with the alluring view of the metropolitan city at dusk. Adorning the ceiling, the handcrafted kumiko wooden patterns is a true demonstration of the thousand-year Japanese technique of wooden art – a unique assemble of wooden pieces without using any nails, each pattern has its own name passed down through generations. Separated from the sushi bar area, the private room adorned with classic Japanese décor is for guests who are looking for a more intimate ambiance.
Proud to be the first sushi bar in Hong Kong equipped with a full sake cellar, Masa Hong Kong offers guests a comprehensive sake pairing experience. Highlighted collections include Zaku Asahimai Junmai Daiginjo from Mie Prefecture, the gold award winner in Sake Competition 2019 at the Junmai Daiginjo category and the sought-after edition of Bokushi Daiginjo from Niigata Prefecture, a sake brewed in snowy cold winter released once per year with limited quantity.

To have a taste of a new omakase experience unlike any other, visit just-opened Masa Hong Kong in Central. To find out more, see the restaurant’s website, and follow Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Masa Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2131 1303

Address: 5/F, CCB Tower, 3 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday (Closed on Sunday)

Lunch Hours: 12:00-15:00

Dinner Hours: 18:00-23:00

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