Nostalgic homemade Asian classics at Old Bazaar Kitchen

The hidden gem in Wan Chai offers delicacies bringing authentic flavours from Southeast Asia onto the plate

Old Bazaar Kitchen is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of bustling Wan Chai, bringing fresh flavours to the plate thanks to Executive Chef Billy Chung’s unique style. The iconic restaurant provides diners with Asian classics made with bespoke techniques and homemade recipes. The revamped menu features childhood favourites created by the Chef with love and attention to detail, following tested recipes to ensure the best original flavour.

Chef Billy brings his expertise and creativity into his cooking, inspired by frequent travels around Southeast Asia throughout his life. His meticulousness and desire to create the most authentic home-like experiences shine through the signature dishes and extensive menu designed to please every guest. To provide the most enjoyable experience, the Chef often converses with the guests to find out their tastes and preferences, mimicking a private kitchen atmosphere. 

Guests can start their culinary journey with delicious snacks and starters that take inspiration from an array of Asian destinations. Chilled Drunken Foie Gras in Chinese Yellow Wine is a refreshing spin on the rich and decadent foie gras, delicately complimented by a Shaoxing wine marinade, featuring fragrant aromas and beautiful textures. The layered taste of Curry Samosa’s brittle crust and soft potatoes laced with caraway, coriander and chillies make it a perfect starter for cold winter nights. 

A must-have main dish is Chef Billy’s favourite Hainanese Chicken served with Herb Steamed Rice in Clay-pot. Presented in the shape of a whole chicken, the Hong Kong favourite is made with boneless, tender chicken, accompanied by freshly made spring onion sauce. The unique method of serving it in a clay pot with aromatic herbs elevates the chicken, with an irresistible crispy texture of the bottom layer of the fragrant rice, full of light flavour from Chef Billy’s addition of lemongrass. Perfect for sharing is the Stir-fried Prawn in Singaporean Style Coated in Crispy Cereal, providing a satisfying crunch and a complex flavour profile. Alternatively, diners can opt for a skilfully cut and plated Chilled Squid, cooked to desired tenderness while keeping the squid succulent and fresh.
To have a taste of homemade Asian cooking inside a cosy space perfect for creating memories with loved ones, visit Old Bazaar Kitchen. Find out more at the restaurant’s website, and follow Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Old Bazaar Kitchen

Tel: (852) 2871 1993

Address: Shop 4-7, G/F The Oakhill, 32-38 Cross Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday

12:00 - 14:30

18:00 - 22:00

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