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Experience a heart-warming winter at China Tang Landmark

Celebrate the season with authentic nourishing dishes by Chef Menex

(Hong Kong, 17 November 2020) – From 1 December 2020, China Tang Landmark is launching new winter menus. Featuring an array of one-of-a-kind fresh dishes, the winter menu embraces timeless and authentic Cantonese cooking methods, innovated with Executive Chef Menex Cheung’s unique modern twist. In the cooler months, diners are invited to fuel their bodies with nourishing, heart-warming dishes available in the Winter Nourishing Menu, and as part of the Winter Solstice Set, as well as à la carte items.

Start the feast with the delicious special, Snake Broth, Fish Maw, Chicken, Mushroom, Black Fungus (HK$488/person). The soup has been loved by Chinese generations for decades due to its soul-warming properties and medicinal benefits. The addition of fish maw creates a rich broth packed with deep flavours from the snake and chicken meat, served with a refreshing sprinkle of chrysanthemum petals on top. Reap the health benefits of a Hong Kong classic favourite Braised Lamb Brisket, Bean Curd Stick, Bamboo Shoot, Crispy Bean Curd Roll, Seasonal Vegetable (HK$688), the nurturing lamb stew that improves blood circulation, and hits the spot with its juicy texture and savoury taste. Diners can also select an authentic Steamed Rice in Pot, Preserved Meat (HK$588), featuring Chinese preserved meat and irresistible rice infused with the clay pot flavours of soy sauce, duck, and sausage.

In addition to the seasonal favourites above, the signature Double-boiled Wagyu Short Rib, Red Date, Chinese Herb (HK$588) fills the room with the scent of aromatic herbs including Chinese Angelica and red dates. The beef brisket is cooked to perfection, resulting in a rich flavour and tender texture. All winter cravings can be satisfied with a light Braised Bean Curd, Organic Pumpkin (HK$298), containing organic Xinjiang chestnuts, and silkiness from the tofu and pumpkin.

Welcome the longest night of the year with Winter Solstice Set (HK$1,288/person, minimum 4 persons) symbolising togetherness and good wishes. Featuring Chicken Pottage in Pot, Fish Maw, the soup retains original nutrients from the simmered ingredients benefiting the skin and body from inside out. Using a traditional roasting method, Traditional Beijing Roasted Duck has a paper-thin, crispy skin while the meat remains succulent and savoury. Expertly wrapped in thin pancakes and drizzled with a selection of condiments, the dish explores a variety of textures and depths of flavour. Another must-try item is the mouth-watering Braised Yellow Croaker, Abalone, Sea Cucumber, offering a treat for seafood lovers, braised with premier sea cucumber and enriched with soy sauce and shiitake mushrooms.

A traditional festive feast would not be complete without the perfect sharing dish – Prosperity Year of Ox Poon Choi (HK$1,880, for 4 persons). During this time of family celebration, treat loved ones to a lavish meal packed to the brim with 18 carefully selected delicacies including Australian Abalone, Fish Maw, Japanese Kanto Sea Cucumber, Fresh Miniatus Grouper, Hokkaido Dried Scallop and more. Poon Choi are available for pre-order one day in advance and for self-pick-up only.

To cherish the winter season with hearty dishes, visit China Tang Landmark and try the abundant festive menus. For more information and latest updates, visit the website, and follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram.





Winter Nourishing Menu

Dec 1 – Dec 31

Set Lunch: HK$688 (minimum 2 persons)

Set Dinner: HK$1,288 (minimum 2 persons)

A La Carte: Pricing varies based on item

Winter Solstice Set

Dec 14 – Dec 22

HK$1,288* per person (minimum 4 persons)

Poon Choi

Dec 14 – Feb 28

HK$1,880 (for four persons)

*Prices are subject to a 10% service charge

China Tang Landmark

Tel: (852) 2522 2148

WhatsApp: (852) 5599 8129

Address: Shop 411-413, 4/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM

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