An Autumnal Taste of the Forest in One Michelin-starred Takumi by Daisuke Mori

The autumn breeze blows, the forest awaits – Takumi by Daisuke Mori is ushering in fall with a new Autumn 9-course Tasting Dinner Menu (HK$ 2,080), marrying French culinary traditions with the freshest, seasonal Japanese ingredients. Inspired by the serenity of the woods, Chef Daisuke Mori takes diners to a multi-sensory gastronomic journey featuring refined tastes from forest, bringing the earthy scent, misty atmosphere, beautiful stream and mystical surrounds onto the plate.

The journey begins with Samma – Aburi, Couscous, Sweet Bitter Sauce, a starting dish that resemblances a sushi yet has a very different taste and texture. Samma, a signature Japanese fall fish, is half-cooked with its skin charcoal gilled, seasoned with homemade sweet-bitter taste soy sauce made with fish liver, mirin, sake, chicken jus and served with mint and cucumber couscous. Chef Mori skillfully blends smokiness and freshness in single bite, reminiscing a blooming walk in a dewy forest. The walk in the forest is followed by Hokkaido Scallop – Chestnut Jus Poulet. The succulent Hokkaido Scallop is pan-fried with caramelized butter, chestnut pureé and cardamom powder. The softness of scallop is matched with the sweetness of chestnut jus poulet, with a hint of spice to warm you up in Autumn. The forest bath continues with Akamutsu – Charcoal French Barley Risotto, featuring Akamutsu the premium Japanese fall/ winter fish full of fat, served with proposedly overcooked French Barley Risotto with a note of yuzu. The juicy fish and soft, creamy barley risotto simply combine together in your mouth. The journey continues with Blue Lobster – Girolles, Fricassee, Lemongrass – another beautiful marriage of French and Asian from Chef Mori’s original recipe. The iconic French delicacy is slow-cooked and served with girolle mushrooms and sauté garlic, shallot and chives with caramelized lobster juice, topped with lemongrass and lobster juice emulsion for a delicate touch of Asia. Chef Mori also pays homage to his Japanese root with the dish Kinmedai – Ichiban Dashi Consommé, a refined tribute to the suimono (soup course) in traditional Japanese cuisine, where he combines a soul-soothing ichiban dashi consommé with top-grade Kinmedai fish from the south of Japan. The seemingly simple dish demands a lot of work and technique, from the making of the clean yet flavorful dashi, to how Chef Mori slices the Kinmedai fish thinly for the best texture.

A true celebration of autumnal flavors, guests can elevate the experience with seasonal white truffle for designated dishes (additional HK$300 per each dish). Recommended sake and wine pairing (HK$880 for 4 glasses/ HK1,180 for 6 glasses) is available to complete the exquisite meal.

Highlighted Dishes – Autumn Tasting Menu

Samma – Aburi, Couscous, Sweet Bitter Sauce

A classic Japanese fall fish half-cooked and charcoal-grilled (aburi) the skin, add in homemade soy sauce with fish liver, mirin, sake, chicken juice; paired with mint and cucumber flavored couscous.

Hokkaido Scallop – Chestnut Jus Poulet

Pan-fried succulent Hokkaido Scallop with caramelized butter, chestnut pureé and cardamom powder, an ultimate elevation of taste.

Akamutsu – Charcoal French Barley Risotto

Akamutsu (Rosy Seabass), a fatty fish with rich flavor in fall and winter, charcoal-grilled fish skin, serve with overcooked French Barley Risotto, finally a touch of yuzu skin.

Blue Lobster – Girolles, Fricassee, Lemongrass

Fast boiling Blue Lobster for 40 sec, put in lobster butter and lobster shell; then sauté Girolle Mushrooms with garlic and lobster juice. Topped with lemongrass and lobster juice emulsion.

Kinmedai – Ichiban Dashi Consommé

A soul-soothing soup of Chef Mori paying homage to his Japanese root with an array of authentic Japanese ingredients such as fall fish Kinmedai, delicate and tender with good fat content; Ichiban dashi, enriched stock with kombu and katsuo. Topped with yuzu skin for a revitalizing taste.

Hida Wagyu Beef 2 Ways

Cooks the premium Wagyu Beef in two ways, shabu shabu for rib-eye and charcoal tenderloin, emphasize on the texture of luxurious beef.

Crème Brûlée– Tonka Flavour, Homemade Ice-Cream

Conventional dessert with tonka beans, a complexity taste of vanilla, almond but with fruit, spicy notes, goes well with chef gourmet ice cream.

Takumi by Daisuke Mori

Tel: (852) 5599 8133

Address: Shop 1, G/F, The Oakhill, 16 Wood Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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