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Lai Sun Dining Press & News
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carnivores spoilt for choice amidst a range of global cuts. Impeccable sides and decadent desserts complete the picture.
...a distinctly American approach to cooking. Hence, most of Prohibition’s meatier fare is prepared over an open fire using such time-honoured techniques as charcoal grilling
Acclaimed Michelin-starred steakhouse Beefbar launches spring dishes to wow gastronomies.
Devender Kumar chats about flair, customer connections and how he had no idea his bar has made it onto the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.
The food is sophisticated and divine, thanks to executive chef Antimo Maria Merone
Takumi merges French culinary traditions with Japanese ingredients to create delicate and unique dishes. 
Howard's Gourmet has been a firm favourite of fine dining gourmands, with its sweeping gold-gilded interiors, aura of exclusivity, high-end clientele, and of course, exquisite
IAK presents a delicious line-up of skilfully executed Italian classics