Lai Sun Dining Announces New Policy to Use Only Cage-Free Eggs

(July 25, 2022) Hong Kong Luxury hospitality group Lai Sun Dining is dedicated to sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Recognizing that animal welfare is an important part of a responsible food and service supply chain, the Group has announced a new commitment to purchase only cage-free eggs (shell eggs, liquid egg and other egg products) for all outlets globally by 2023. The group operates 21 exclusive restaurant brands and 2 exclusive private clubs across Hong Kong, Mainland China and London, with a total of 10 Michelin Stars counted in the group’s portfolio. 

“Our clientele knows we value taste, ethics and health. Switching to cage-free eggs across our venues will not only make our supply chain more sustainable and humane, but will also further elevate the work of our chefs. Environmental sustainability, food safety and animal welfare are at the core of truly fine dining” said Mr. Nelson Ang, CEO of Lai Sun Dining.

“We applaud Lai Sun Dining’s decision to switch to sourcing only cage-free eggs, which will help to protect animal welfare and ensure the highest levels of food safety and quality for their customers,” said Ms. Angela Wong, Sustainability Program Manager of Lever Foundation, which worked with the company on its commitment. “Consumers have become more conscious of their food choices and it is encouraging to see another Hong Kong finest restaurant group prioritizing sustainable and ethical practices in their operations globally.” 

​Animal protection and food safety organizations around the world encourage a switch to cage-free eggs, which are more humane to laying hens and safer for consumers. Research by the European Food Safety Authority and others has found that cage-free egg farms are up to 25 times less likely to be contaminated with key strains of salmonella compared to hens raised in cages. Battery cage egg production has been banned throughout the European Union as well as in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, India, and parts of the United States.

In recent years, a growing list of hospitality brands in Asia  have switched to cage-free eggs. In Hong Kong, 75% of leading hotel groups have now set a timeline to use only cage-free eggs globally, while a recent market survey by China food media agency Foodtalks found that the large majority of Chinese consumers would be more likely to patronize a food brand if it committed to using only cage-free eggs.


Lai Sun Dining – a member of the Lai Sun Group, is a Hong-Kong based, leading hospitality group, operating 21 distinctive brands across 26 venues worldwide, with a total of 10 Michelin stars counted in the group’s portfolio plus 2 exclusive private clubs –

Lever Foundation is a global NGO with staff operating across Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Lever Foundation works with leading companies to help them upgrade their protein sourcing for a more humane, safe and sustainable supply chain, with a focus on cage-free eggs and alternative protein.

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